The Journal of mike.
i feel kinda bad 12-20-08 08:08
i signed up to this fantastic site and i never use it!

im sure swift will see this and probably tell me a story about how he was just thinking about me not being on here the other day lol, so maybe i should start contributing instead of putting to waste

well lets see, i've been listening to some b-more music and i really love it. pretty much electro rap, nice and simple but almost all the songs i've listened too are catchy as hell so i can't really complain.

oh, there's also this, a guy that loves sonic the hedgehog and rapping

surprisingly way different than what i expected. what i thought would be stereotypical nerdcore sounds more like if pharrell represented sonic instead of virginia

speaking of virginia, where's our snow?
we never get any snow.
damn, wish i still lived in chicago.

woops 06-04-08 23:56
all of this is not needed ¯(°_o)/¯
edit edit? 03-22-07 13:31
[gotta make myself not look foolish on the internet]
Hello, 03-21-07 13:01
Hello my name is mike. I'm new to elowel.